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Move passengers quickly and efficiently, improve their safety, and deliver a superior ride experience with AB Elevators.

German engineering and American manufacturing combine to create superior-quality elevators, escalators and moving walks that move beyond expectations. No matter how big or small your project, we’ll help you find the best product for your needs and specification.


                                                           Reliable products, customized for your needs and backed by the largest service network in India.


Hydraulic lifts are used in a variety of different applications. They can be found in automotive, shipping, construction, waste removal, mining, and retail industries as they're an effective means of raising and lowering people, goods, and equipment.



The MRL lift reduces the spatial requirements for lift installation by installing the machinery in the lift shaft or on the landings. MRL lifts can be hydraulic, or traction and they look exactly the same as traditional lifts. They simply take up less space.




Traction lifts are a simple system. A motor is attached to a sheave (a toothed pulley), with a rope or cable looped over it. The rope is attached at one end to the lift car, and on the other end to a counterweight. When the lift is called to a floor, the motor turns the sheave.


 Belt Drive

A belt manlift or manlift is a device for moving passengers between floors of a building. It is a simple belt with steps or platforms and handholds rather than an elevator with cars. Its design is similar to that of a paternoster lift.

Freight Lifts

A gearless traction elevator with a machine room. Designed for high-rise buildings, momentum combines high-speed performance with proven safety features.

Structure Inside

An elevator with two cars operating independently in the same hoistway. TWIN’s innovative design allows you to transport up to forty percent more passengers than traditional elevators.

Structure Outside          

The world’s first cabeless elevator that moves vertically and horizontally. MULTI’s linear motor technology means it can work between and in mega-high-rise buildings.


                  Digital Solutions

                  State-of-the-art digital solutions give you greater control, access, transparency and security.

                  Optimize the flow of tenant foot traffic with a smarter dispatch system.   AGILE

                  Catch problems early and minimize disruptions with predictive  maintenance MA



                  Most airports today use walkways that move at a slower speed than a natural walking pace, so using the walkways only minimally expedites travel times. These moving walkways travel at about half the speed (1.4 mph) of a natural walking pace (3 mph).



                  There are also several different types of elevators. The one that’s best for your application will depend on the height of your building, the speed you need and other factors. such as Hydraulic Elevator, Traction Elevator ,Machine Room-Less Elevators..

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                  In schools, students wish for elevators in which most schools will complete the wish. It means that they likely to be hydraulic elevators which move at no more than 140 feet per minute. It means wait times could also exceed the passing period. This is a factor which the university or administration of school must anticipate and manage internally.  

                  Hospital Lifts

                  For Modern-day Hospital Needs Hospital Lifts for Hospitals for easy transportation of bulky equipment as well as patients. Hospital Lifts are best to carry gurneys, stretchers as well as wheel chairs. Hospital Lifts are usually provided with Center opening Telescopic Power Operated Doors for easy use by patients. Hospital Lift is designed by the various specifications given by the clients.      

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